Vodka sunrise 

so, it’s late and everybody is buzzing because we have a heady cocktail of alcohol hidden in the bushes. We’re playing cards and I’ve packed butter sandwiches for people to eat later on when they need to sober up.

We grab the alcohol and trek down to the tennis courts, there’s music coming out of the speakers and Isaac brings shot glasses. We down Malibu and vodka like its water and we all start dancing under the stars. I wasn’t drunk on any liquer, just drunk on what I liked- crowds of people smiling and having a good time.

Ellie and I danced and she spun me around till I was dizzy; I thought I was going to fall over as if in a dream. Oh where are all the people I love? I thought, and looked everywhere. All in different places all over the world, each one probably not thinking about how much I miss them.

Izzy comes up to me a while later, tears in her big brown eyes and I take her by her hand and take her up to bed. We talk about how unhappy she is, she’s a nice girl. Trustworthy and honest, and tremoundously frightened of the world, I tell her it’s beautiful I tell her about friendship and foreign skies and i promise her we’ll stay awake so she can see the sunrise.

Me and my boyfriend Isaac scream at eachother until our throats are sore, I leave and grab Izzy and we sit together on the rooftop eating watermelon cubes and drinking Vodka, she asks me what I find so great about the world and after that fight with Isaac I don’t answer for a while.


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